Discover the unique charm of Colombia in each handcrafted creation.

Explore a unique selection where creativity and artisanal technique come together in each product, meticulously handcrafted, expressing authenticity and artistry in every detail.”

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Gifts with an artisan soul

Peruvian Alpaca Two Needles Knitted Baby Sack Size 3-6 Months – Made to Order

Two-needle knitted baby coat in Peruvian alpaca, size 3-6 months, made to order. Soft, warm and with colorful beads, it is unisex and unique. Support Peruvian craftsmanship with this essential and versatile garment. Manufacturing time: 10 working days.

Hand-knitted baby poncho 6-12 months

Discover the charming Hand Knitted Teddy Bear Baby Poncho 6-12 Months, an essential garment in the Baby Clothing for Kids category. This hypoallergenic, soft and warm poncho is perfect for protecting your baby's delicate skin during the cold months. With an integrated hood to protect the head and ears, and the option to customize the color, this handmade poncho is the ideal gift for any occasion.

What is Pilui?

Pilui is the digital epicenter of Colombian creativity, a space where art and tradition merge with innovation. We connect local artisans and artists with a global audience that values authenticity and craftsmanship. Our mission is to strengthen cultural entrepreneurship, presenting to the world the richness and diversity of Colombia through unique products, made with love and tradition.

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Here, each product tells a story, a legacy of generations. We are the first online marketplace dedicated exclusively to 100% Colombian products, promoting conscious and responsible consumption. Here, creativity is the driving force for meaningful social innovation, and digital connectivity becomes a bridge to new possibilities for expression and sustainability.

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