Two Needles Baby Set: Complete Unisex Set 1-3 Months – Ideal Layette for Newborns $65.00

The Two Needles Baby Trousseau: A Handcrafted Choice

Selecting a hand-knitted two-needled baby trousseau is opting for a unique piece full of love.

Each stitch reflects the dedication and love that only craftsmanship can offer. Hypoallergenic wool ensures the care of baby’s delicate skin, making these linens the ideal choice for newborns.

Benefits of Hypoallergenic Wool in this type of garment

Hypoallergenic wool is essential to protect babies’ sensitive skin. This material prevents allergic reactions and offers unparalleled softness, ideal for constant contact with baby’s skin. In addition, the hypoallergenic wool is breathable, keeping baby comfortable in any weather.

Contents of a Two Needles Unisex Baby Set

A complete two-needle baby outfit includes several essential garments. Beanies, booties, and blankets are just some of the hand-knitted items that can be found. The unisex nature of these trousseaus makes them perfect for any baby, regardless of gender.

In addition, timeless designs and neutral colors promote versatility and the ability to pass the trousseau from one generation to the next, adding sentimental value to the ensemble.

Care and Maintenance of Hand-Woven Duvets

The care of the two-needle baby trousseau is essential to preserve its quality and softness. It is advisable to wash the garments by hand or in a delicate cycle of the washing machine, always with cold water and a mild detergent. This ensures greater durability of the garments.

Air-drying the pieces and avoiding direct exposure to the sun helps to keep the colors vivid. With proper maintenance, the trousseau can become a beautiful family heirloom.


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